Following its launch at EAG 2014 Sound Leisure and Soundnet have been working closely with their customers to roll out the free V-Hub Gen 2 software update across their VenueHub estates.

The V-Hub 2nd gen completely overhauls the design and look of the user interface of the jukebox, making it much more intuitive for the customer. Several operators have already noticed the difference that the new platform has made

“In the past we have struggled with V-Hub, as the sites seemed to have preferred the previous model ‘Top of The Pops’, which was a brilliant product. Recently, I have been working with Chris at Sound Leisure updating existing V-Hubs and installing some new sites. The new software has had the effect of increasing the cashbox dramatically,” says Mark Davie, Managing Director of Chilvers Automatics.

The new software update incorporates two new apps – Twitter and Flickr – so that pubs can promote their own social media feeds via the jukebox screen. Operators can also fit a camera to their existing V-Hub jukeboxes in order to take advantage of the incredibly popular Dance Me feature which has been further improved in this software update. The Credit Countdown feature has been introduced in this platform and shows a large clock counting down to double credits if the jukebox has not been played for a while. It is designed to encourage customers to put money into the machine during quiet times.

One of my sites told me, ‘Everyone LOVES the “Dance Me” feature,’” says Jason Jarrett, director of AMS. “Since the new software and camera have been installed, they had everyone creating videos of themselves with very funny results. They also noticed how the Credit Countdown had people rushing to the jukebox to get their double credits, resulting in improved takings.”

As well as a free update for existing V-Hub models, the new platform is featured on the flagship HD V-Hub, which was unveiled at the London shows in January. Demand for the new model has been incredibly high with machines being shipped to retailers around the World.

“Select Gaming recently reviewed their jukebox estate and wanted the best opportunity to drive cashbox for their customers through the introduction market-leading equipment. Having looked through the available options the obvious choice was the new VenueHub from Sound Leisure,” says  Nick Wheeler Testing & Approvals Manager, Select Gaming. “As a result, Select has taken delivery of a number of these new VenueHubs with the support of Sound Leisure and Soundnet and we are expecting great results on site leading to even more orders.”

Chris Black commented “The Vhub is now our best selling Jukebox and more importantly our highest earning machine. The factory cannot produce them fast enough so all the signs are that this update has been extremely succesful. We are continually investing in R&D and will continue to work closely with our operating partners to ensure that Sound Leisure machines remain the best investment in the industry”   

If you would like to join the UK’s leading operators with a quality V-Hub Gen 2 jukebox talk to any of the Sound Leisure sales team, Toby or James at Soundnet. Rental purchase deals are also available from Soundnet to help spread the cost.