The forthcoming Autumn Coin-Op Show (ACOS), will serve as the backdrop for a

major new partnership designed to reinvigorate the UK jukebox sector.  The

initiative will see Sound Leisure, Soundnet and TouchTunes, the world leader

in digital jukebox technology, join forces to market the TouchTunes Playdium

jukebox in the UK.  The partnership will be officially launched at ACOS by

TouchTunes Chairman and CEO, Charles Goldstuck who is flying into London

from the United States.


In a joint statement, Simon Davis of Soundnet and Sound Leisure’s Chris

Black, said: “It’s fair to say the UK jukebox sector finds itself at a cross

roads.  Whilst UK consumers are consuming more music than ever, jukebox use

is sadly declining. The jukebox consumer experience has failed to keep pace

with digital music services such as Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music.


“Under the terms of this partnership, Sound Leisure will bring to market the

TouchTunes Playdium jukebox and will continue to provide after sales and

servicing for existing Sound Leisure jukeboxes.  Soundnet will apply its

expertise in providing music programming for the Playdium.  A new and

progressive business model will see operators benefit from a lower monthly

fixed content fee with TouchTunes receiving a percentage of the cash box



The joint statement continued: “We have been testing the Playdium in the UK

over a six month period and the data confirms that it makes more money than

competitive products as well as having a lower list price.  We will be

delivering a 21st century experience that will engage with consumers in a

compelling, relevant way and in the process, enhance the prospects and

profitability of in-venue, pay-to-play music entertainment.”


TouchTunes European Managing Director Alan Newham, added: “Sound Leisure has a fantastic history in the UK jukebox market and I am delighted to be working alongside Chris and the Sound Leisure team to write the next chapter in that story. Working together to bring Playdium to the UK, I’m confident we have an exciting opportunity to rejuvenate the jukebox market here.  Combining TouchTunes’ commitment to product innovation with Sound Leisure’s knowledge of the local market creates the ideal combination to pursue that goal.”


Playdium has gained a reputation amongst US operators as representing the

next generation entertainment platform which allows venues to select from a

variety of music profiles to tailor the experience to suit their location

and customer base.  The smart jukebox learns from the music selected and

adapts over time to intuitively highlight songs, artists and search results

that are most relevant.  Created by TouchTunes to be an entertainment

centrepiece, Playdium also boasts online diagnostics for enhanced

reliability and a two piece modular design to simplify servicing.  The

TouchTunes App has been operating successfully in North America for more

than five years and is currently generating more than 3 million plays a