Iconic dance music brand Ministry of Sound is to get its own category on Sound Leisure digital jukeboxes; at no extra cost to the operator.

All Milestones in Music and VHub jukeboxes will be updated with the Ministry of Sound section automatically – if they already have the dance category profiled on their jukeboxes.

“Since the 90s, Ministry Of Sound has been at the forefront of music and club culture, whether that be in the shape of its ground-breaking nightclub or in the music it has released on its label,” says Soundnet’s Head of Music Programming, Lee Taylor.

“The music Ministry Of Sound has released has shaped dance music styles, from the garage of DJ Pied Piper – to the dance/pop crossover of an artist like Example,” he adds. “The chart success that Ministry has had with its singles proves their releases hit the spot with the public and they consistently are among our most played tracks.”

“Sound Leisure and Soundnet are always seeking to give added value to their customers in the form of the latest music, pre-releases and profiled categories that can attract the end-user and maximse cashbox,” says Sound Leisure’s Managing Director Chris Black. “Ministry of Sound is a great addition to our digital music menu and will prove a massive hit with customers.”

For more details contact James or Toby st SoundNet on 020 7644 8888