Official Charts Jukebox SLThis support section covers Sound Leisure commercial DIGITAL jukeboxes. Below are useful guides and programmes for Sound Leisure’s range of Digital Jukeboxes. Should you be unable to find the reference you are looking for please phone us on : +44 (0) 113 232 1700.

Program Update Files

To download the latest program update click on the program link and the download will begin. All files are as a ZIPPED folder. Extract the folder to the .EXE level. Then burn all folders in this level to a CD ROM. You can then use this CD Rom to update your machine.

Background Music Systems (BGM)

RPS 10 000 – Sound Surfer

Milestones in Music (MIM)

VenueHub (V-Hub)

You will notice that there are no progam updates for the VenueHub system listed below. This is because all VenueHub Jukeboxes are required to be online in order to maximise their features. For this reason the program updates are loaded remotely onto the VenueHub system. If you require any assistance with your VenueHub please contact us on : +44 (0) 113 232 1700

wifi and 3g/4g support documents

Versatile Video System (VVS)

Miscellaneous Installation Guides & Technical Bulletins