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Available with a stunning 32″ HD touchscreen, Sound Leisure’s 2nd Generation VenueHub (VHub) jukebox platform represents the most advanced jukebox technology available, combining state of the art features with an intuitive touch screen interface.


Featuring more music than any other jukebox in the world VHub has access to millions of tracks through our ‘On Demand’ service. Combine this with the UK Official Singles Charts (available exclusively on Sound Leisure digital jukeboxes) and you have the most diverse collection of music available. Don’t like a track, artist or genre? No problem, VHub can be profiled to ensure the music library fits with your requirements. Want more control? Dynamic profiles can automatically change the music library throughout the day to ensure customers can only select tracks which work for your venue.

VHub’s ‘App Ready’ interface provides unsurpassed flexibility, allowing new content and functionality to be developed, delivering exciting new ways for customers to discover, play and go social with their music.

Special Features


soundjack enabled

There’s a new way to play music – soundjack it
soundjack is a brand new app that lets you to pick and play the music you love in a venue using your smartphone.
Everybody should to be able to control the music that matters to them in the places where they drink, shop and eat. Whether it’s The Pixies down the pub, Sade at the shops or Britney in a burger bar, there’s only one person in control – you. The VenueHub is compatible with soundjack.

UK’s Official Singles Chart

Available exclusively on Sound Leisure Digital Jukeboxes the VenueHub is powered by the most comprehensive music database available anywhere. The chart is automatically updated weekly (requires broadband connection) or fortnightly via CD Rom to ensure that you always have the latest chart music! Combine this with VenueHub’s access to millions of tracks from hundreds of genres, classic and new albums and the ability to profile tracks to allow or disallow certain tracks at certain times of day and the power of the VHub comes into its own.


AV or Audio Only

The VenueHub is available with either video and audio or as an audio only jukebox. This allows flexibility to the venue and target client base.  The VenueHub provides more music and video content than any other jukebox available with millions of “on demand” tracks in addition to the 30 000 tracks and albums already stored on the internal hard drive.



Height : 820mm
Width : 600mm
Depth : 155mm
Weight : 38kg

note: key entry is on the right hand side of the machine



Audio Only

venuehub_front_imageMore features than any other jukebox – as standard

The VenueHub is simply packed with features to make a difference in your venue straight out of the box. From social media integration, attract mode advertising and integrated event diary  the VHub offers loads of inovative ways to promote whats going on in your venue. Added benefits that make it more than just a jukebox


Add to this gesture control interface // assisted search results // intelligent spell check, // intelligent track and artist suggestions // integrated pub quiz & bingo applications // diverse on-screen advertising features // programmable ‘What’s On’ event diary // advert wizard for football, rugby and cricket matches (including team Logos) accessed through a secure managers menu to control jukebox features… and you can see why the VenueHub is our most powerful jukebox ever.

Under the Hood

  • Exclusive use of The Official UK Singles charts from 1952
  • Modern compact styling
  • Simple customer interface
  • Onscreen Advertising
  • 32” touchscreen with Screen Seal technology
  • Managers menu gives access to venue features – ‘What’s On’ guide, Allows manager to program upcoming events and displays them on the touchscreen or any connected screens (AV only)
  • Dynamic Photo Display – Allows venue’s and customers photo’s to be displayed on the touchscreen
  • Sports Advert Creator – Display upcoming games, includes logos for all major football, rugby and cricket teams.
  • Free Bingo and Quiz with professionally recorded audio content
  • Easy to use ‘Engineers Menu’ for quick setup and easy operation
  • 15 Programmable Background Music Timers
  • Programmable ‘Happy Hour’ timers for reduced price of play
  • Dynamic Track filters to hide/remove unsuitable content
  • Full USB Data retrieval/remote data retrieval via OpWeb
  • 4 Channel digital Amplifier featuring Bang & Olufsen ICE power modules
  • 2 Auxiliary Inputs and 1 Output
  • Microphone Facility
  • OpWeb Compatible
  • Large Cash box



download2nd Generation VHub Manual.

download1st Generation VHub Manual.

downloadSetting Up Flikr on the VenueHub

downloadSetting up Twitter on the VenueHub


downloadSetting up WiFi on the VenueHub